Empathic — or empathetic, if you prefer — leadership and management in engineering development and technical operations. I have over 22 years of experience with a strong background in most facets of the technology industry, across all sizes and shapes of companies.

Currently, I run engineering at ULIVE (pronounced like “where you live”), a division of Scripps Networks Interactive. This includes several teams of software, quality, and operations engineers.

In the past I’ve worked for companies ranging from small startups as a founding technical member to large enterprises of thousands of employees. My technical background spans systems administration and engineering, cloud infrastructure and automation, software development and engineering in several languages, configuration management, continuous integration / delivery / deployment, and everything in between.

With extensive background and involvement in the DevOps movement, I help break down silos and build empathy across teams and divisions, building bridges of understanding to mutually agreed resolutions that support the goals of the company.

I am an agent of change within companies, challenging status quo and finding creative and inclusive ways to improve the way people work and work together. Change can be difficult, but by drawing people and teams together, and acting as a force of good, I can help teams and companies realize potential.

I am emotionally intelligent and supportive of diverse people, beliefs, and opinions. I solve problems with diplomacy, respect, and without ego.

I don’t shy away from difficult situations or tough decisions, I often feel that when people do this it just compounds the problem. Difficulty is the basis of learning, the times we struggle are the times we grow, whether on our own or guided by leaders and mentors. I am a decisive leader, heavily balanced with an experimental approach to the day-to-day.